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Float Zone Wafer Supplier | What Is the Float Zone Method?

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When it comes to growing silicon crystals for silicon wafers, typically either the Czochralski (CZ) or the Float Zone (FZ) method is used. With the CZ method, highly pure silicon is melted done in a crucible. A seed crystal is then mounted on a rod and dipped into the molten silicon. Next, the rod is simultaneously rotated and pulled upward, resulting is a large, single-crystal, cylindrical silicon ingot. Despite the fact that the vast majority of silicon is commercially grown through the CZ method, this technique does have some pitfalls. For example, CZ silicon wafers contain a lot of oxygen impurities that reduce the semiconductor’s voltage, current, and efficiency. Furthermore, these wafers are sensitive to high-temperature processing. That’s where the float zone technique comes. Wafers that use silicon grown by the float zone method can overcome these challenges and meet your silicon wafer needs. What is the float zone method? Keep reading for an answer straight from a reputable float zone wafer supplier.

The Float Zone Method

The float zone method is the go-to technique whenever a wafer requires high-purity silicon with little impurities. The basic feature of this growth technique is that the molten part of the sample is supported by the solid part. This eliminates the need for a crucible and lowers the odds of contamination. Instead, a rod of very pure polycrystalline material is held by a chuck while a metal coil is driven by a high power radio frequency signal is slowly passed along the length. The molten silicon at the seed end then starts to freeze, taking on the same crystal orientation as the seed crystal. After the heating coils move over the entire polysilicon rod, it is officially converted into a single crystal silicon ingot.

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