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Clean Room Packaging

As a leading provider of semiconductor wafers, we take pride in our comprehensive approach to the manufacturing process. We offer fully certified cleanroom packaging services for all our products. With Wafer World, you can count on our thorough methodology to deliver quality and exceptional services.

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What is Clean Room Packaging?

Cleanroom packaging is the process of packing, wrapping, and storing wafers under the highly controlled environment of a cleanroom. Our process includes ensuring that the wafers remain in optimal condition before they are transferred onto their cassettes for shipping.

Our Clean Room Packaging Services Include:

  • E-Pak distributor
  • Process Cassettes
  • Single wafer cassettes
  • Shipping cassettes

What Do We Control in Our Packaging Process?

When we package wafers, we do so under stringent conditions. Our team controls for temperature, humidity, and many other environmental factors to ensure that there is zero contamination.

Why is Clean Room Packaging Important?

Cleanroom packaging is essentially the last step in the manufacturing process for semiconductors. Maintaining a clean environment and carefully packaging wafers helps prevent outside particulates from landing on the surface of these devices and potentially damaging their capabilities.

Want to Learn More About Our Clean Room Packaging Practice?

At Wafer World, we maintain the highest industry standards at every step of the manufacturing process. If you want to learn more about our methods or request a quote, give us a call today!