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Silicon and Semiconductor Wafer Services

Although there are dozens of materials used to manufacture semiconductors, silicon is by far the most common. Silicon is not only easy to work with, but it is also so abundant that it presents the most cost-effective option. At Wafer World, we offer a wide range of services for silicon and semiconductor wafers.

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What are Silicon Wafers?

Silicon is one of the most widely abundant elements in the universe and the second most plentiful on Earth. Wafers are thin slices of semiconductor material used in electronics to manufacture integrated circuits. Due to silicon’s wide availability, ease of production, and semiconducting properties, it has become the most common element for producing semiconductors in a wide range of applications.

Silicon Wafer Applications

Chances are you are surrounded by silicon wafers and don’t even realize it. Silicon wafers are used in electronics ranging from microwaves to cellphones to satellites.

Silicon wafers are generally produced using the Czochralski method to ensure quality and purity. However, depending on the application, some impurities like boron, nitrogen, and gallium are added to optimize conductive properties or heat resistance.


25.4 mm-150.0 mm
.001-100 ohm-cm
100-10,000 ohm-cm
(100) (111) (110)
10-10,000 microns
10-200 microns
200-1000 microns
Thick Slabs
1,000-10,000 microns
One or two side polish
< 1 micron


  • Growth Methods
  • Etching, Lapping, Backgrinding
  • Oxide and Nitride Depositions

Do You Need Silicon and Semiconductor Wafer Services?

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