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Other Materials

Wafer World is proud to offer an extensive catalog of products suited for a wide range of applications. Beyond our biggest sellers like silicon or germanium, we also manufacture products made from specialized materials perfect for optics or semiconductor purposes. Our wafer selection includes:

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III-V Wafers


Indium antimonide is a semiconductor compound made from indium (In) and antimony (Sb). This material is most often used in infrared detectors.


InAs wafers are a semiconductor compound made from indium (In) and arsenide (As). These wafers are especially suited for high-power applications in infrared detectors and can operate in extreme temperatures.

II-VI Wafers


ZnO wafers are made by combining zinc (Zn) and oxygen (O). These wafers offer good transparency and a wide bandgap, making them excellent for liquid crystal displays or thin-fil transistors.


ZnSe wafers combine zinc and selenide (Se). These semiconductors are ideal for making lenses, output couplers, and beam expanders.


Cadmium Sulfide wafers demonstrate excellent thermal stability and chemical resistance, making them effective demanding applications that require oxidation resistance.


Made from cadmium (Cd) and telluride (Te), CdTe wafers are commonly used in X-rays and infrared optical devices.

Optic Wafers

Optic wafers are made from materials that exhibit either a low luminous efficiency needed for photodetectors or high luminous efficiency for applications like LEDs and lasers. Some of our optic wafers include:

  • YVO4 Wafers
  • TiO2 Wafers
  • CaCO3 Wafers
  • LiNbO3 Wafers

Superconductor Wafers

Superconductor wafers are built to withstand the extreme demands of the superconductor industry. These materials work under extreme temperature and demonstrate superior electron transfer capabilities. We offer the following superconductor wafers:

  • MgO Wafers
  • YSZ Wafers
  • SrTiO3 Wafers
  • KTaO3 Wafers

Looking for a Specific Semiconductor Material?

Wafer World has you covered with a vast selection and the knowledge to help you find exactly what you need. Get in touch today to learn more or request a quote!

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