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Germanium Services

Semiconductors come in many forms. Although silicon is by far the most common material, different applications call for elements with properties that lend themselves better to certain demands. Germanium, for example, is uniquely effective in photo-related applications like photodetectors.

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What is Germanium?

Germanium is a chemical metalloid element with semiconducting properties; although it was discovered in 1886, it was not used commercially until 1945.

Metalloids are elements that have qualities of metals and nonmetal alike. Germanium is chemically similar to silicon as it falls between silicon and tin on the periodic table of elements.

Germanium Wafer Specifications

Below are the relevant details about our germanium products and the specifications we provide:

  • Diameters: 25.4 mm-150.0 mm
  • Resistivity: .001-50 ohm-cm
  • Orientations: (100) (111) (110)
  • Thickness: 100-10,000 microns
  • Surface: One or two side polish
  • Reclaim service
  • EPI Solar grade quality polish

What Are the Applications for Germanium Wafers?

Because germanium is chemically similar to silicon, the two elements have similar applications as semiconductors. However, germanium has a higher level of sensitivity to gamma radiation and is especially effective for applications that require detecting photos. For these reasons, germanium wafers are the preferred option in high demand photodetection applications such as solar cells, infrared optics, LEDs, and fiberoptics.

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