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Silicon Reclaim

Silicon is by far the king of semiconductor materials. This element offers an unmatched combination of abundance and ease of manufacturing that has led to the boom of technological progress in the last 50 years. There’s a good reason for calling this period of steadfast advancements “The Silicon Age.” At Wafer World, we are proud to play a role in fueling technological achievements through our silicon wafer services.

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Our Silicon Services


Our team primarily uses the Czochralski method for growing silicon ingots. This technique uses a single seed crystal rotated in a high-temperature crucible filled with molten silicon. The seed crystal grows as it’s spun, and the final result is a purified ingot of silicon that can be used to make wafers.


Polishing is crucial to optimize the function of a semiconductor wafer. We use specialized polishing pads and a diamond liquid slurry while the wafer slice is held in place by a vacuum carrier. We offer single or two side polishing services.

Etching, Lapping, and Backgrinding

Etching, lapping, and backgrinding are essential steps in fabrication. Etching requires chemically removing layers from a wafer's surface to remove minor deformities and anomalies for a consistent exterior. Lapping is done with polishing pads to create a flat surface. Backgrinding allows us to remove microscopic layers to create ultra-thin wafers.

Oxide and Nitride Depositions

Depositions of oxide and nitride are used to enhance and thicken the surface of a wafer. This is necessary to optimize a wafer’s function for certain applications, specifically in the manufacturing of photonic devices.

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