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GaAs, InP Reclaim

Wafers can be processed and repurposed more than once for additional savings. As the demand for wafers continues to rise, companies are finding new ways to recycle and minimize overhead. Wafer World recycles wafers up to 150mm diameter with a three-step polishing process for a high-quality finished product. The methods for reclaiming GaAs and InP wafers are quite similar, so let’s take a look at our system focusing on GaAs.

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Why Do We Use a Reclaim Process?

Our goal is to reduce waste and make our processes more efficient. We take used Gallium Arsenide and recycle it into mechanical-test grade wafers for all your calibration needs. As GaAs wafer usage continues to rise, GaAs reclaim becomes an even more crucial cost-saving tool that allows your company to decrease prime wafer purchases.

Why Reclaim GaAs Wafers in Particular?

Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) is one of the most important compound semiconductor materials globally, with wide applications in wireless, optoelectronics, and solar cells. As a cost-savings measure, companies are forced to re-use substrates when feasible.

What Wafer Sizes Can Be Reclaimed?

Most of the major GaAs companies in the United States have reclaimed 4” and 6” GaAs wafers for many years. Diameters of 2”, 3”, 4”, 5”, and 6” wafers can be processed and re-polished. Process Monitor wafers or production-rejects can be reclaimed two to three times and used as test grade material. Wafers with layers consisting of epitaxy, photoresist, metal coating, dielectrics, etc., can be reclaimed two to three times as well.

How Does the Reclaim Process Work?

The steps for the reclaim flow for wafers are as follows:

  • Sort wafer for different coating layers
  • Acid stripping
  • Photo resistant stripping
  • Au Etch
  • Wafer cleaning with specialized mixture (Ammonia +H2O2 + H2O)
  • Sort and regroup by thickness
  • Rough polish of wafer front-side
  • Final polish of wafer front-side
  • Cleaning polish of wafer front-side
  • Final inspection and packaging

Interested in GaAs and InP Reclaim Wafers?

Wafer World is committed to meeting the rising demand of the wafer market without sacrificing our products' signature quality. If you want to learn more about our reclaim process, get in touch today!

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