Business Elements That Depend Upon an Effective and Efficient Reverse Supply Chain


May 2, 2020

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When it comes to running a business, having a trustworthy supplier is key to maintaining smooth business operations. When the movement of goods from supplier to vendor is good, there’s nothing to worry about. But sometimes, a few mistakes here and there are inevitable. In situations wherein the goods your supplier has provided you are faulty; they must know how to respond quickly to prevent further damage. Unfortunately, not all silicon wafer suppliers take responsibility for their mistakes. In this article, we will discuss the different business elements that depend upon an effective and efficient reverse supply chain.

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What are the Business Elements That Depend Upon an Effective and Efficient Reverse Supply Chain?

Customer Experience

When your supplier provides you faulty or incorrect products, they must be open to returns. You can either mail the items back to them or ask them to pick it up from your office or store. This not only enhances your customer experience but also your relationship with your supplier.

Reverse Logistic Cost

Given that the faulty or incorrect item is their fault, your silicon wafer suppliers must shoulder at least half of the bill for shipping product returns.

Value Recovery

Value recovery refers to how your supplier works with the returned item to restore its value. Ideally, if your supplier mistakenly provided you with the wrong item, they should reintegrate it back in their sales inventory, while faulty or damaged products need to be assessed if they should be repaired, reconditioned, or send to an appropriate facility for disposal. You, on the other hand, should make sure that the faulty or incorrect items are received in the best condition possible, so your supplier can still restore the value of the items.

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