Device Instability or Deterioration Caused by Hot Carrier Injection


June 16, 2020

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A silicon wafer supplier aims to produce a Germanium wafer that is extremely clean and highly functional so that manufacturers can produce devices that are fast, efficient, and effective. Unfortunately, the presence of hot carriers within a semiconductor causes the device to deteriorate or become unstable. Hot carriers or hot electrons are holes or electrons that have very high kinetic energy after being accelerated by a powerful electric field found within the semiconductor. In this article, we will discuss the two carrier injection mechanisms that cause damage or deterioration to a device.

What are the Two Carrier Injection Mechanisms That Cause Damage or Deterioration to a Device?

Hot carrier injection is a rare incident that occurs in solid-state electronic devices where an electron or a hole gains kinetic energy enough to break a potential obstruction and overcome an interface state. Because of this, they can penetrate and get trapped in areas where they shouldn’t be. This creates a space charge that causes the device to deteriorate and become volatile. They occur in high field intensities within a semiconductor device made using a germanium wafer, silicon wafer, and other semiconductor material.Four carrier injection mechanisms are commonly encountered, but in this article, we will discuss only two:

DAHC injections can cause the worst device degradation under normal operating temperatures. This incident occurs as a result of high voltage used at the drain under unsaturated conditions, which results in extremely high electric fields near the drain, accelerating channel carriers into the depletion area.

  • Channel hot electron injection (CHE)

CHE injection happens when both the drain voltage and the gate voltage are very much higher compared to the source voltage. Because of this, channel carriers that are supposed to travel towards the drain don’t make it, because they’re drawn towards the gate oxide instead.

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