Do Wafers Lose Effectiveness Over Time?


May 16, 2022

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A lot of things have expiration dates. Whether it’s food that goes bad or just metals corroding over time, it’s useful to understand how long something is built to last. Should you be concerned if you’ve purchased ultra fat wafers that you’re not immediately able to use?

Learn what you need to know about wafer expiration.

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Do Wafers Have an Expiration Date?

Given supply chain issues, you may be tempted to buy wafers long before you’re able to use them. While this can be done, it’s important to store wafers properly.  

You also need to keep a timeline in mind. While wafers don’t technically have an expiration date, it’s advisable to use them within 18 months. After that point, researchers have found significant surface degradation.

How to Store Wafers

Moisture and contaminants are the biggest problems you will face when trying to keep wafers fresh. Semiconductor materials can be incredibly sensitive, which is why we put such emphasis on clean rooms. The smallest issue can lead to defects.

Working with a trustworthy wafer manufacturer is the most important way to keep the product fresh: they’ll know how to package the wafers and can advise you if you have any questions about the facility where you plan to keep them.

There are many techniques that researchers have discovered to increase the longevity of wafers.

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