Float Zone Wafer | The Basics of Float Zone Wafers


September 23, 2019

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Float zone wafers are considered to be highly pure compared to wafers produced through the CZ method. Float zone wafers are ideal for low volume, high-frequency applications while CZ wafers are ideal for less expensive, high volume applications. If you’re looking for a silicon wafer with higher purity to use for your next project, then a float zone wafer might just be what you need. To help you get to know more about float zone wafers, then here’s a summary about everything you need to know about it:

What Are Float Zone Wafers?

Float zone wafers are highly pure. This means that the silicon has very little oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon contamination. This way the micro defects within the ingot can be controlled. FZ wafers are also considered to be a newer alternative compared to CZ wafers. Wafers that are grown through the float zone method contain a lower concentration of impurities and have the ability to perform efficiently at extremely high temperatures.

How Are They Made?

The Float zone growth process takes place in a vacuum. It starts with a silicon ingot that is slowly rotated and passed along a heating element. As it goes through the heating element, a portion of the ingot is melted. And as it re-solidifies, the defects stay in the melted portion while the ingot is passed along the heating element and is doped with dopants. After this, it is cooled and sliced. Making sure that this growth process takes place in an environment where only inert gases are present can help prevent any contamination.

The Finishing Touches

During the growth process, the ingot can be doped with P-type dopants or N-type dopants, depending on your desired application. Because the float zone method minimizes the presence of contaminants in the ingot, it allows an efficient doping process, which results in resistivity reaching up to 50,000 ohm-cm. Afloat zone wafer can be used in the fabrication of power devices, highly efficient solar cells, RF chips, and optical products.

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