GaAs Wafer | Major Uses of GaAs Wafers


November 27, 2019

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GaAs stands for Gallium and Arsenic. A GaAs wafer is considered to be a vital semiconductor material that is widely used to fabricate devices like infrared emitting diodes, laser diodes, photovoltaic cells, and integrated circuits at microwave frequencies. GaAs is suitable for these applications because of its high electron mobility which allows GaAs transistors to operate at high frequencies. It also has high thermal strength and high resistivity against radiation damage. In this article, we will discuss to you the different major uses of GaAs wafers:

Transistors and Computers

Since the 1970s, a GaAs wafer has been promoted to be a better, faster, and more efficient substrate material for making IC chips. What's great about using a GaAs wafer for transistors and computer applications is its speed. Electrons are able to travel five times faster in gallium arsenide compared to other semiconductor materials. It also offers a wider range of operating temperatures. The only drawback of using a GaAs wafer is that it is challenging to grow it into a large and defect-free crystal.

Defense and Aerospace Applications

Gallium arsenide has been used in military and aerospace fields for quite a long time already. This paved the way for GaAs to be widely available in commercial markets. GaAs can also perform very well even at high temperatures and has high radiation hardness, which makes it a very useful material for military and space applications.

High-Frequency Technologies

Defense and space industries utilize high-frequency technologies like radars, sensors, and secure communications. They find using GaAs wafers suitable for these types of applications because of its speed, allowing optimum operating frequency. Today, we now have WLAN, PCS, GPS, DBS, and other mobile commination applications that utilize GaAs wafers because of its speed.

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