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May 30, 2019

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Different applications have different wafer property requirements. That is why it is important for buyers to consider the various properties of GaAs wafer and Si wafer when selecting a wafer. If you’re looking to buy the perfect wafer for your business, here are the different wafer properties you should consider:

Wafer Size

The first ever wafer produced in the year 1960 was about 25 mm. Through time, the size of wafers has gradually increased to advance throughput and lessen the cost. Now, GaAs wafers have an array of sizes you can choose from; from 25.4 mm to 450 mm. Depending on the material used to grow a wafer, it will have different thickness. It must be hard and thick enough to support its own weight without breaking throughout the process.

Crystalline Orientation Flats and Orientation Notches

Years back, wafers had a pair of flats at various angles which conveyed the doping type. Now, wafers under 200 mm in diameter have flat cuts in the sides which conveyed the crystallographic planes of the wafer. For wafers above 200 mm in diameter, they use a particular small notch to show wafer orientation without any visual clue of doping type.

Wafer Crystallographic Orientation Wafer Flats

Flats are used to designate doping and crystallographic orientation. A wafer that is 125 mm in diameter or smaller usually has one to two flats grounded around its edge for crystal orientation indication.

what is a gaas wafer?

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