Germanium Wafer | Characteristics and Applications of Germanium Wafers


April 25, 2019

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Pure Germanium is one of the common elements to be utilized as a semiconductor material. It's exceptional crystallographic and strong electric properties make it a preferred semiconductor material to be used for gamma-ray spectroscopy, sensors, infrared optics applications, and more. If you’re looking for the perfect type of wafer for your business, germanium wafer might be the wafer you need. Here are the characteristics and applications of germanium wafers:

Gamma Ray Spectroscopy

The high atomic number of germanium compared to silicon increases the chance of better gamma ray interaction. This property makes germanium a more desirable element to be used for radiation detection applications.

Germanium-Based Semiconductor Detectors

A perfect germanium semiconductor is fitting as a counter for radioactivity. Germanium wafer also has the ability to produce excellent energy resolution which is useful for x-ray spectroscopy and gamma spectroscopy. Germanium can also be produced with a reduced thickness which makes it a good absorption detector for gamma rays.

Test Radiation

Germanium is known to manifest the highest resolution for measuring radiation. It is applied in radioactive contamination monitoring for both environmental and personnel, radiometric assay, nuclear plant safety, airport security, and nuclear security.

A Microscope and Wide-Angle Lenses

A high refractive index is one of the characteristics possessed by germanium. This makes it suitable in making components for microscopes, wide-angle lenses, thermal imaging cameras, night vision systems in cars, and hot-spot detection.

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