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March 21, 2019

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The most popular type of wafer used in making semiconductors is Silicon. But did you know that Germanium is also an element that is used to produce wafers? If you’re planning to use wafers for your business or the next project you might want to consider Germanium Wafer. Here’s why:

What is Germanium?

Germanium is a glossy, solid, grayish metalloid that is similar to the elements silicon and tin. It is considered as a critical element for technological breakthroughs. Elemental Germanium is utilized as a semiconductor in various electronic devices. In early recordings, the first semiconductor electronics were made of germanium. Today, elements like Silicon and Gallium Arsenide are also widely used.

Germanium Wafer Properties

These wafers possess unique properties that make them suitable to become semiconductors. They are light but are mechanically strong, and can be produced to be as massive as 300mm.

Germanium Wafer Production Process

Producing wafers involve a series of complex steps. The goal of these steps is to produce a defect-free, polished, and clean surface.

  1. Obtain a highly pure germanium chemical element through zone refining.
  2. Produce a germanium crystal through a crystal growth method called the Czochralski process.
  3. Single crystals of semiconductors are then processed through cutting, grinding, and etching to produce a wafer.
  4. The Germanium wafers are then cleaned and examined.
  5. The finished product will now be packaged under a nitrogen atmosphere in a single wafer container.

Germanium Wafer Applications

Germanium wafers can be utilized in the production of space solar cells, terrestrial solar cells, infrared optics, sensors, high brightness LEDs and more. It is also used in the production of nanowires and is found useful in organometallic chemistry.

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