How Do Silicon Wafers Make Your Gaming Experience Possible?


September 6, 2022

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The terms “silicon” and “gaming” don’t look remotely related at first glance. However, thanks to the manufacturing of silicon wafers, gamers have the necessary components to improve their skills, play online with their friends, and enjoy their experience to the fullest.  

Gamers are always on the lookout for improved technologies, from components that can make their computers respond faster to ones that can capture every detail of a 3D game. Therefore, electronic companies must constantly develop improved versions of their products. This is where silicon wafers come in; when cut and transformed into microchips, they enable the manufacturing of some of the most advanced electronic equipment available, empowering videogame manufacturers to push the envelope.  

Here are the components that are crucial in a gamer’s life that would not be possible without the help of silicon wafers.  

How Do Silicon Wafers Work?  

Processing silicon wafers is no easy task. Silica sand needs to be refined, lapped, cleaned, and polished.  

However, hard work pays off, resulting in a wafer disk that can host tons of microchips. Then it’s the turn of manufacturing, where experts turn silicon wafers into complex chips used in electronics.  

These chips can have millions or even billions of transistors that act as a switches for electronic signals and the base for binary code. They also have a semiconductor property that allows them to pass data between computer parts effectively.  

What Makes a Computer Fit for Gaming?

Computers have several components that enhance our gaming experience. However, combining good-quality versions of these particular sets of components is what separates a poorly equipped player from a well-prepared one.  

Graphic Card

Even though every part is necessary, gamers usually think about the graphic card first when building or buying their device. Thanks to the VRAM (video random access memory), graphic cards rapidly process the visual information received from games or programs, which results in clean, high-resolution images and a more engaging experience.  

In other words, this computer component must be a priority whether you plan on playing co-op with your friends or going solo with a single-player game.  

Random Access Memory

Many people looking to purchase or improve a computer are also familiar with the term RAM, which stands for Random Access Memory. The primary function of this component is to optimize the time it takes for the computer to respond. A term gaming and computer fanatics commonly use for this is FPS (frames per second), which refers to the number of images your device shows you per second.  

Accessory Components

They may appear less important, but no powerful computer is complete without the external gear needed to give it commands. Some of them are:

- Monitors

- Mouse

- Keyboard

- Headphones

Monitors are responsible for projecting the images generated by the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and providing the gamer with immersive and colorful experiences. Many computer players nowadays choose to have more than one of them.  

Mouses and keyboards are also vital parts of a player’s setup, as they use them to move the camera in many first-person games. They are also a tool that gamers use to give the processing units commands, such as asking your character to run, shoot, or drive.  

Headphones are of the essence for current gamers as well because they allow them to communicate with fellow players during co-op game sessions. They also make the experience more real and immersive.

blue image of FZ wafer

Why Are Silicon Wafers Crucial When it Comes to Gaming?

After silicon wafers become complex microchips with transistors, capacitors, and resistors, they work like bridges between the components that make up the computer. Think of these chips as the neurons connecting the different parts of your nervous system.  Computer programs electronically signal transistors in microchips, communicating various kinds of information to the CPU and other computer parts, and responding to your wishes and commands.  

What it Does for Your Graphic Card

When you open a game, the central processing unit signals the graphic card with information in the shape of binary code. Chips manufactured from silicon wafers use their semiconducting properties to take this information to the graphic card while also carrying the binary code to create the image on your screen.  

With this advanced technology, graphic cards have the ability to create crisp images in every frame. For instance, if you are playing a one-person shooter game, every weapon in your hands or every tree you use to hide will look realistic and highly detailed. This kind of ultra-high definition is one of the reasons why gamers enjoy the experience and have a hard time stopping.

Thanks to the information microchips made from silicon wafers and other components help carry, graphic cards can also display images on multiple screens, a setting that more and more computer players crave.  

What it Does for Your RAM

RAM is the short-term and readily-accessible memory of a computer. Once again, the Central Processing Unit sends information to the Random Access Memory through the transistors in microchips, allowing it to retain data during a game.  

When the RAM receives input, the computer responds quickly to a player’s commands. Therefore, players can respond faster and go about their game without the computer freezing or lagging.  

What it Does for Your Accessory Components

Accessories are also affected by the power of silicon wafers. The CPU, graphic card, and RAM also need to signal your device’s external components to display images, reproduce sounds, and respond to the keys.  

close-up of FZ wafer

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