Misconceptions about Custom Designed Chips


October 8, 2020

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If your business has something to do with electronics, it’s important that you find a silicon wafer supplier you can trust. Custom chips that are designed specifically for your application are guaranteed to have better performance. These chips are difficult to reverse-engineer. Therefore, the confidentiality of your data during transmission is better protected.This custom approach also equips your chip with capabilities that OTC hardware isn’t able to provide. Unfortunately, because of certain misconceptions, a lot of people are discouraged to take the custom approach. In this article, we will debunk some of the most common misconceptions about custom-designed chips.

What are The Common Misconceptions about Custom Designed Chips?

You Need to Order High Volumes

This is not true. Typically, going for a custom-designed chip can get rid of repetition and strengthen functionality, especially for designs that highlight analog features. It’s also relevant for applications that are based on FPGA technology. This helps reduce the bill of materials to well over 50%. You just need to find a good design house with powerful engineering talent and broad IP libraries to work with.

Custom Chips are Expensive to Design

The cost of designing custom chips has decreased over the years. Thanks to the availability of IP, integrated circuits are now designed differently. Thankfully, experienced companies that design custom chips have existing silicon-proven IP libraries they can use. Therefore, this helps to keep the costs low.

Custom Chips are Time Consuming to Make

Just because it’s custom-designed, doesn’t mean everything is done from scratch. Design companies can use their existing silicon-proven IP libraries to cut down design time.

Looking for A Silicon Wafer Supplier?

Don’t let these misconceptions stop you from choosing the custom approach. At Wafer World, we offer a wide range of high-quality wafers at a reasonable price. So, Contact us for inquires!

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