Semiconductors | What Are They and How Are They Made


February 8, 2016

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For such an important part of technological advancements, semiconductors do not get the fame that they deserve a lot of times. Semiconductors are at the heart of microprocessor chips, so anything relating to computerization, i.e. your smart phone, laptop, tablet, etc., all have semiconductors to thank for their functioning abilities! To appreciate their true value, it is useful to know what semiconductors are and how they are made.

What Are Semiconductors?

Semiconductors are crystalline or amorphous solids that can conduct electricity under specific circumstances, making it a good medium for the control of electrical current. Semiconductors are made from materials that have free electrons in their structure that can move easily between atoms, which aids the flow of electricity. The most popular of the materials used as semiconductor is silicon. Silicon has four electrons in its outer orbital, which allows the covalent bonds to form a lattice and thus form a crystal. Although other materials, like germanium and carbon also have similar properties, silicon is at the heart of integrated circuits production, as it has proven to be an effective semiconductor. Why is silicon an important semiconductor?

Doping Silicon Semiconductors

Doping is the process of introducing foreign elements into a crystal, like silicon. In the silicon manufacturing process, dopants are introduced into the semiconductor in order to change its electrical properties. Depending on the purpose of the semiconductor, it can be doped in order to change the way that it conducts electricity, again allowing for the control of the flow of electrical current. Silicon can be transformed into with N-type semiconductors or P-type semiconductors.

An N-type semiconductor carries currents mainly in the form of negatively charged ions, whereas P-type semiconductors carries currents predominantly as electron deficiencies.No matter what the purpose the ultimate silicon semiconductor will be used for, we can provide you with the right silicon wafers for the job! We are a top silicon manufacturing company, and have been serving our customers with the highest quality silicon wafers since 1997! Visit our silicon wafer company online or call us today at 561-842-4441 for more information about your silicon wafer needs!

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