Si Wafer | A Brief Summary of the Wafer Manufacturing Process


October 23, 2019

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An SI wafer is a thin slice of crystal semiconductor made up of highly pure single crystalline material. It is commonly used in the fabrication of semiconductor devices, integrated circuits, and nanodevices. A silicon wafer goes through multiple processes to get to a defect-free state. If you're wondering what these processes are, then here's a summary of the Si wafer manufacturing process:

Wafer Manufacturing Process

Highly pure silicon ingots are cast into cylindrical shapes by pulling the seed crystal from the melt. The ingots are then sliced, using diamond saws or other cutting devices, into thin circular shapes to produce silicon wafers. After this, the wafers are carefully but thoroughly cleaned to remove any impurities and surface defects. After carefully cleaning the wafers, they are doped according to the desired electronic technicalities. This particular step takes a lot of time and effort to guarantee precise results. Silicon wafers can be made into different sizes and dimensions, depending on what you want.

What are They Used for?

Silicon wafers are widely used in the fabrication of semiconductors in electronic devices, integrated circuits, power devices, solar cell production, and more. It's because of its abundance and superior electrical and mechanical properties that make a Si wafer suitable for these types of applications. It is the most utilized type of wafer in the industry today. One of the most popular Si wafer application is silicon solar cells. It is now being used worldwide.

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Looking for a Si Wafer?

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