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March 25, 2019

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Producing quality silicon wafers involve a series of complex silicon manufacturing processes. The first step in achieving quality wafers is producing a single crystal ingot. Single crystal silicon can be produced using two methods: the FZ method and the CZ method.If you’re wondering which method produces the type of wafer your business needs, here are the 2 different ways to grow single crystal silicon:

FZ Method

This crystal growth process is founded upon the zone-melting principle. The crystals produced in this process are highly pure and the number of impurities, like carbon and oxygen, are extremely low.

CZ Method

This method involves pulling mono and polycrystalline against gravity from a melt in a container. This can be done transversely, along cusp, or longitudinally. This method of crystal growth is low cost and fast. It produces crystals that are high in oxygen concentration and have better resistance to thermal pressure. The standard industrial crystal size is 75 to 200 mm.

There are three variations for the CZ method:

  • MCZ Method (Longitudinal Magnetic Field Method)

This method involves using a magnetic field which is applied perpendicularly to the melted silicon surface. Melted silicon conducts electricity well so the flow of melted silicon is altered because of the magnetic field.

  • MCZ Method (Transverse Magnetic Field)

In this method, a magnetic field is applied parallel to the melted silicon surface. This process is rather complicated because of how the magnetic field is not aligned with the crystal growing axis. This method produces a Silicon that has low oxygen content.

  • MCZ Method (Cusp Magnetic Field)

Two electromagnets are used to produce magnetic fields in opposite directions. The important features of this process are the reduced intensity of the magnetic field in the proximity of the developing crystal and that the magnetic field is aligned to both the crystal growing axis and the surface of the hot melted silicon.

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