Silicon vs. Silicone


April 4, 2022

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The English language is confusing. As a silicon wafer supplier, we sometimes get asked if we also supply silicone. While that’s outside the realm of what we do, it does beg the question: why do silicon and silicone have such similar names?

Today, we’ll discuss the two substances and their similarities. Along with being a fun fact, we hope this helps you gain a deeper understanding of silicon’s many uses!

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What Are Silicon and Silicone?

  • Silicon is the most common semiconductor material, both because it’s the second most common element found on earth and because it’s easy to work with.
  • Silicone is a polymer plastic that’s used in many different capacities. It’s extremely resistant to heat as well as electricity, which is why you’ll find it in kitchens, automobiles, and even piping.

Interestingly enough, both can be used for electronics, though silicon is most likely what someone’s referring to if they’re discussing semiconductors. Silicone is useful because of its nonconductive properties; it often encases devices, protecting people from getting shocked.

Why Are Their Names So Similar?

Silicone got its name in large part because it’s made from silicon. The “one” suffix comes from acetone and is used in chemistry to refer to certain kinds of chemicals. An English chemist named Frederich Stanley Kipping gave silicone its name.

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