Silicon Wafer | 4 Application-Specific Integrated Circuit Myths Debunked


February 19, 2020

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Having custom silicon wafer SOCs created specifically for your application guarantees high-quality performance, increased power efficiency, and board space. Custom SOCs also allow solutions with unique proficiencies that would be difficult to accomplish using store-bought hardware, making your device difficult to hack or duplicate.Unfortunately, several preconceptions about SOCs are stopping people from using this kind of integrated circuit. Here we can debunk 4 ASIC myths.

Where to get a quality silicon wafer?

What are 4 Application-Specific Integrated Circuit Myths?

ASICs are Too Expensive to Manufacture

Creating a custom silicon wafer is now more affordable than ever before. This is because of lowered engineering costs and the amount of money saved during bulk fabrication. Also, node process technology is also helping the costs remain low.

You Can’t Produce ASICs in Low or Medium Volumes

Using custom ASICs prevents repetition and strengthens functionality, creating significant BOM savings that can reach up to 50%. This means that ASICs can make good engineering and business sense even when they’re produced at low or medium volumes.

Custom Silicon is Costly to Design

Over the years, designing custom silicon has gotten less expensive. This means that the cost of designing a custom silicon wafer is now comparable to other design costs. Experienced and well-established design houses have existing silicon-proven IP libraries they can use, which helps keep the costs low.

Custom Silicon Designs take a Lot of Time to Complete

Several design houses now use existing silicon-proven IP libraries to reduce design time. Also, these design houses have the well-designed process flows to expedite the length of time it takes to conceive a product until it's available for consumers to use. Custom design doesn't mean everything needs to be done from scratch.

What is a silicon wafer from wafer world?

Looking for a Silicon Wafer?

ASICs offer a lot of advantages over other store-bought ICs. It might be the product you need to complete your project. At Wafer World, we offer a high-quality silicon wafer at a reasonable price. Contact us for inquiries or purchase wafers online!

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