Silicon Wafer Processing | What You Need to Know About Diffusion


September 12, 2019

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Silicon wafer processing plays a significant role in semiconductor manufacturing, mainly because a silicon wafer is one of the major components of a semiconductor. A part of semiconductor manufacturing is diffusion and ion implant. It is through diffusion and ion implant by which dopants are added into a semiconductor, like silicon, to create electronic structures that make ICs useful. To help you understand more about this process, here’s what you need to know about diffusion:

The Basics of Diffusion

Diffusion is a part of semiconductor manufacturing, which is a part of silicon wafer processing. Diffusion is the flow or movement of a chemical variety from an area of high concentration to an area of lower concentration. Controlled diffusion of dopants into silicon is achieved through diffusion furnace. It is the basis for building p-n junctions and fabrication of devices during wafer manufacturing.

Flick’s Law

The arithmetic behind diffusion is based on Fick’s law. Fick’s first law is an equation expressing the movement of an impurity in a substance, exhibiting that the flow of materials across a given level is equivalent to the concentration gradient across the plane. But this law isn’t an adequate characterization of the diffusion process since the concentration gradient of a contaminant in a fixed volume of material tends to decline over time.

How Impurities are Deposited

There are two main methods to deposit impurities or contaminants into a substance by thermal diffusion. The first method is called as predeposition. Predeposition is the continuous flow or movement of impurities until it reaches the surface of the substrate so that the concentration gradient of the impurity stays steady and stable at the surface of the substrate. The second method is called redistribution or drive-in diffusion. It is a process that involves thin layers of impurity materials deposited on the surface of the substrate, which diminishes with time.

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