Silicon Wafer Supplier | How to Know You Have a Bad Supplier


May 14, 2019

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If you want your business to flourish for a long time and stand-out among your competitors, then finding a trusted silicon wafer supplier can help you achieve that.  But with so many suppliers to choose from how do you know you’re in partnership with the right one? If you have doubts with your supplier, here are some red flags for a bad supplier:

Increased Customer Complaints

If the number of customers complaining about the quality of your products has increased, then it must have something to do with your supplier. The right silicon wafer supplier will provide you excellent quality wafers at a fair price.

Late Shipments and Deliveries

It’s difficult to manage inventory if you’re constantly running out of stock of wafers because your supplier fails to deliver on time. Late deliveries can cause a delay in operation while leaving a bad impression on your customers. Find a supplier who takes deadlines seriously.

Poor Customer Service

You’re a customer too! And you need to be treated with importance just as much as you give your customers. But if your supplier fails to be responsive regarding your complaints, inquiries, and more then we think it’s time you find a supplier who can offer you the service you deserve.

Hidden Charges

Beware of suppliers who do not have very clear pricing or scope of delivery. Chances are they might charge you extra without letting you know. Ask questions so extra charges don’t take you by surprise.

Lack of Prompt Response

A good supplier is expected to be prompt in responding to inquiries and complaints. Although a business can get really busy, it is important for your supplier to respond to your calls and emails telling you when they can give a response. Failure to do this can lead to your dissatisfaction and frustration.

how can i find the best silicon wafer supplier near me?

Looking for a Silicon Wafer Supplier You Can Trust?

If your current supplier posses all the red flags mentioned above then its time to find a new silicon wafer supplier. At Wafer World, we aim to provide you excellent customer service and quality wafers at the best price possible. Call us today for any inquiry or shop wafers online!

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