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December 18, 2019

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Silicon wafer suppliers use strip testing to test out semiconductor devices before they’re made into singular units. It plays a crucial role in semiconductor device testing because, through this process, shorter test cycle time is achieved while increasing output. Aside from this, strip testing offers a lot of advantages. Here are some benefits of strip testing:

Shorter Test Cycle Time

What's excellent about strip testing is that it has the parallel testing capability and efficient matrix indexing scheme, which helps shorten test cycle time significantly. A single indexing step can also alter many units at a time, unlike conventional methods that only affect one single group at a time.

Affordable Testing Product with Decent Life Cycle

Most testing products are costly, with very short life cycles. Short life cycles are a problem in the traditional test process for singulated units because every new style and size of the package requires the manufacturing of new sets of tools and accessories. This is why silicon wafer suppliers prefer strip testing. Strip testing utilizes robotic strip handlers and alignment technology, which can be reprogrammed to conform to the new package structure.

Can Be Tracked Easily

What’s excellent about strip testing is that it aids lot tracking. Just like all devices that are secured in their strips that can be accurately registered and recognized by the software, dies are also tracked on a wafer map during wafer probing. Strip maps are used to record important data linked to a lot and individual units on the strips. Strip mapping is considered to be very useful in lot traceability from assembly to testing, troubleshooting, and more. Strip map is the strip testing counterpart of a wafer probe map.

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