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August 22, 2019

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MEMS or microelectromechanical systems is the technology behind nanoelectromechanical systems and nanotechnology. It consists of a central unit that deals with data and other components that communicate with the surroundings like microsensors. MEMS are found in systems ranging from automotive to medical and aerospace systems. To fabricate high-quality MEMS, there are several materials involved. But not all MEMS are created the same. That’s why you must find trusted silicon wafer suppliers who can provide you with these materials:


For microfluidic applications, like disposable blood testing cartridges, polymers play a vital role. MEMS devices fabricated from this material goes through embossing, injection molding, and stereolithography.


Silicon is the most common element used to produce most of the integrated circuits utilized in consumer electronic devices. It is inexpensive, readily available, efficient, and high-quality, which makes it desirable for a wide variety of MEMS applications. Silicon is also known for its ability to last billion to trillions of cycles without collapsing, high-resistivity against stress which makes it reliable, and it produces almost no energy dissipation. Find the best among silicon wafer suppliers who can provide you with high-quality silicon wafers consistently and at the best price.


The nitrides of titanium, aluminum, silicon, and other ceramics are applied in MEMS fabrication because of the benefits when material properties are combined. Example: TiN shows a high electrical conductivity with an extensive elastic modulus that allows electrostatic MEMS activation schemes with ultrathin membranes. It also has high resistance against biocorrosion which makes it suitable for biogenic environment applications.


Metals can also be utilized to produce MEMS elements. You just need to use them within their limitation so the results are reliable. It can be deposited through the sputtering process, electroplating, and evaporation. The most common types of metal used are nickel, gold, copper, aluminum, platinum, silver, titanium, chromium, and tungsten.

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