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July 11, 2019

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It’s important to find silicon wafer suppliers who can manufacture a product according to your specifications. By verifying their production capabilities you’re able to asses if that supplier can consistently produce a product that meets your standards. But how do you know if a supplier can meet your requirements? Here’s a guide on how to verify a supplier’s production capabilities:

Visiting and Inspecting a Supplier’s Quality System

The most trustworthy way to confirm a supplier’s production capabilities is to visit the supplier. This can be done personally or through a third-party agent. If you’re not sure what to audit during your visit, here’s a guide of what to look for:

Certifications and Licensing

The right silicon wafer suppliers know that they should comply with the necessary licensing, like business permits, export licenses, and more. If a supplier doesn’t have the right papers then they’re also likely to be lousy in service.

Raw Materials and Finished Product Inventory

The right supplier must be able to keep track of his inventory, how much raw materials are needed to produce one finished product, and if the inventory of the raw material matches the expected output.

Quality Control Procedures

It’s important to have quality control procedures for the following: incoming components and materials, pre-shipment, and during in-process.

Research and Development Facility

A supplier who invests in research and development means that they constantly want to improve their products and services and be a step ahead from the rest of the suppliers in the industry. This is especially important if you plan to develop new products.

Machine and Equipment Maintenance and Calibration

Machines and equipment are one of the most valuable assets of a supplier. A supplier who is concerned about their efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to producing quality products and on-time delivery will make sure that the machines and equipment are calibrated and well-maintained.

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Looking for the Best Among Silicon Wafer Suppliers?

Many silicon wafer suppliers will claim that they can provide you exactly what you need. But the right supplier will prove their claims by allowing a visit and an audit. At Wafer World, you can get the best quality wafers at the best price possible. Call us for inquiries or purchase wafers online.

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