Silicon Wafer Suppliers | What is a SAM Registration?


January 25, 2017

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All silicon wafer suppliers are not created equal. Some, like Wafer World, Inc. are known for supplying superior wafers to customers throughout the world. However, other silicon wafer suppliers cannot say the same thing. How can you tell a great silicon wafer supplier from an inferior one? There are numerous ways to differentiate. One of these ways is by checking to see if they have a SAM registration. What is a SAM registration? And, more importantly, why is it so important for silicon wafer suppliers to possess one? Keep reading to find out!

Why Should Silicon Wafer Suppliers Possess a SAM Registration?

A SAM registration stands for System for Award Management. It is the result of the General Services Administration (GSA) combining the Central Contractor Registration (CCR/FedReg), Excluded Parties Lists System (EPLS), and the Online Representations & Certifications Application (ORCA) into one main contractor database. The benefits of gaining a SAM registration are bountiful. However, some of the main benefits include streamlined and integrated processes, elimination of data redundancies, and reduced contest while providing improved capability. As a result, silicon wafer suppliers that have a SAM registration are able to supply you with high quality and regulated products. Furthermore, with a SAM registered silicon wafer supplier, you know that all business that is being conducted follows government guidelines and procedures. Not all silicon wafer suppliers possess a SAM registration. Rest easy knowing that you?re working with a reputable company by contacting SAM registered Wafer World, Inc. Here at Wafer World, we are committed to not only meeting, but exceeding your expectations and specifications. We achieve this through sound environmental management practices as well as strict adherence to industry-recognized quality assurance procedures and documentation. Come visit our 24/7 online-shopping cart for a wide range of wafer products and see for yourself why we all other silicon wafer suppliers pale in comparison to Wafer World.

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