Silicon Wafer | What You Need to Know About Analog Switches


December 18, 2019

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A silicon wafer can be utilized for analog switches. Analog switches are solid-state semiconductor devices that have one or more carriers that can transport analog signals when they’re turned on or stop then when they’re off. Analog switches are commonly utilized for process control, instrumentation, video systems, data acquisition, and communication systems. In this article, we will discuss to you what you need to know about analog switches.

What are Wafers?

A silicon wafer is the building block of all semiconductor devices. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy a better standard of living through technology. From cellphones, TVs, computers, laptops, cars, lasers, solar panels, and more, silicon wafers are what’s behind it.

Why are Analog Switches Used?

An ideal analog switch has zero resistance when closed or 'on' and infinite resistance when open or 'off.' When it comes to transferring analog signals, its volt-ampere characteristic is also perfectly linear. Unfortunately, ideal analog switches don't exist. Real-world analog switches have non-linear volt-ampere characteristics, exhibit non-zero resistance when on, and finite resistance when off.

Types of Switches

There are different kinds of analog switches, depending on the number of throws and poles they provide. An integrated circuit package can have numerous switches that correspond to different analog channels. Various circuit arrangements can be utilized as gates for analog switches. Some are very basic, consisting of only a single diode and a few resistors. Most analog switches that are commercially available use well-engineered bipolar transistors or field-effect transistors in their carriers to block or transfer analog signals.

what is a silicon wafer?

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