The Different Package-Related Failures


June 25, 2020

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Silicon wafer processing includes semiconductor packaging. However, no matter how carefully and precisely the packaging process is carried out, failures and mistakes can still happen. The semiconductor package helps establish an electrical connection between the wafer and the PCB. Without it, it will be difficult for the end-users to connect or tap into the device housed inside the package. In this article, we will discuss the different package-related failures.

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What are the Different Package-Related Failures?

Die Deterioration & Cracking

Die deterioration is when the metal areas of the surface of the die begin to rust or deteriorate. On the other hand, die cracking is when a crack or fracture happens in any of the parts of the die.

Ball Lifting

Ball lifting is an incident wherein a ball bond is removed from the bond pad of a semiconductor device. This is because of bond pad surface contamination or small wire bond equipment set-up.

Internal Contamination

Internal contamination happens when there is a contaminant, debris, or any foreign material inside the package of the device.


Cratering happens when there is a fracture of the silicon material below the bond pad. Too many stresses are commonly the cause of cratering. It occurs on the bond pads from an inadequate wire bond equipment set up. To deal with cratering efficiently, you should consider factors like boding time, power, and force.

Bond Shorting

Bond shorting is when an accidental electrical connection happens between two bonds. This can be in the form of bonds touching each other or a wandering conductive material bridging one bond to another.

External Contamination

External contamination is when foreign material is present on the outer parts of the package and leads.

Die Chipping

Die chipping or die chip-outs happen when a part or parts of the die break and separate from the die itself. That's why meticulous silicon wafer processing is essential to make sure that the wafers or die produced are of high-quality, durable, and long-lasting.

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