The Status of High Resistivity Silicon Wafers


September 5, 2022

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Among the most critical parts of infrared detectors, high resistivity silicon wafers (HR-SOI) are one of the essential components. These wafers can boost data speed and enable multi-mode capabilities. This is why wafer manufacturing of this silicon has increased significantly throughout the years.    

While the growing demand for consumer electronics has increased the HR-SOI market, so does the need to discover its other uses. If you want to know more about this silicon wafer, here's the information you need about this device.    

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Facts About High Resistivity Silicon Wafers  

Why Is It in High Demand?  

Its demand is fueled by expanding multi-mode capabilities and the Wi-Fi sector. It's anticipated that there will be a rise in demand for high resistivity silicon, particularly in China, where most consumer electronics are made. However, companies located in low-cost areas might not experience the same level of demand as those in high-cost areas.  

What Is the High-Resistivity Silicon Wafer Market Like?  

Over the next eight years, it is predicted that the market for high resistivity silicon wafers will expand significantly. The demand for high resistivity silicon wafers has several major players. Each of these businesses is eager to capture a significant market share of this material to help boost their shares.    

Numerous manufacturers compete to provide the most supply of this material to tech companies and electronic device providers on the market for high resistivity silicon wafers. They're competing for an essential spot in the market. To raise the caliber of their products, many manufacturers are heavily putting money into R&D projects.  

Who Are the Major Players in Wafer Manufacturing?    

The study looks at the possible market prospects in this industry and analyzes the high resistivity silicon wafer market's existing state of play. China is the biggest market for this product among these areas, while Asia-Pacific dominates the market as a whole.    

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