Top Questions Asked About Gallium Arsenide Reclaim Wafers


January 4, 2021

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Did you know that Wafer World has been manufacturing silicon wafers and serving customers in over 45 countries for more than two decades? To officially start off our 25th year in business, let’s dive deep and explore the details about GaAs reclaim wafers. Check out the answers to the most common questions asked about this subject.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gallium Arsenide Reclaim Wafers

What Are Reclaimed Wafers?

Reclaimed wafers are typically wafers that are processed, stripped, polished, and cleaned until it’s as good as the brand-new wafer without the premium price. Although these recycled wafers have been processed more than once, they’re excellent in terms of quality. One of the most popular options for reclaimed wafers is Gallium Arsenide or GaAs.

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How Are Gallium Arsenide Reclaim Wafers Made?

The process of creating this type of reclaim wafer involves five steps including sorting, stripping, grinding and lapping, polishing, and cleaning.

  • The sorting stage is all about the prevention of metallic contamination. Our team thoroughly inspects the product, determine its type, and measure their dopant and mechanical limitations.
  • The stripping stage is totally dependent upon how the incoming wafers were previously processed and their condition. It also requires the use of automated wet immersion batch tanks and a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and sulfuric acid.
  • While grinding is performed to rid thick wafers of other films, lapping, along with edge rounding are done to refine them.
  • During the polishing stage, the reclaimed wafers are chemically and mechanically polished. During the process, residual slurry and other metallic contaminants are eliminated.
  • The cleaning stage allows the reclaimed wafers to go through a full cleaning process that’s sequentially performed in batch immersion tanks before they’re dried off with the use of a surface tension dryer.

Why Choose Gallium Arsenide Reclaim Wafers?

Compared to the standard silicon wafer, the GaAs reclaim wafer offers a more saturated electron velocity and higher electron mobility. When used as transistors, this gives them the capacity to function well even when frequencies exceed 250 GHz.Another plus would be its resistance to high heat and moisture. Thanks to their broad energy bandgap, their chances of overheating are slimmer compared to silicon wafers. That’s why they’re often used for high-power applications.

where can i get gaas reclaim wafers

Looking for GaAs Reclaim Wafers?

Wafer World offers top-quality gallium arsenide reclaim wafers that you’d want to use for your next project. Contact us for inquiries!

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