Ultra Flat Wafers | Ultra Flat Wafer Production Challenges and Solutions


February 7, 2020

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Ultra flat wafers have a uniform thickness of 200 microns or thinner. To achieve this dimension, wafers need to go through double-side polishing. Aside from thinning wafers, this process also helps improve the bow, warp, and TTV specs of the wafers. Ultra flat wafers are fragile, and because of this fabricating them has become challenging. In this article, we will discuss to you the various ultra flat wafer production challenges faced by multiple wafer manufacturers and their solutions.

What are the Challenges in Ultra Flat Wafer Production?

Ultra flat wafers are necessary for applications that have specific thickness requirements like MEMS, research, and other applications. But producing them in the most efficient way possible, while making sure that there are minimal defects present of the wafers' surface has become quite challenging. Mechanical backgrounding is considered to be the standard method for wafer thinning because of its productivity and low cost.

How Are These Challenges Managed?

With today's demand for even more thinner wafers, many challenges are being tackled because of wafer/ die bow, wafer handling, mechanical strength, TTV, packaging, assembly, and dicing. That's why various methods and techniques are being developed to address these challenges. Some of the solutions the industry has come up with are wafer carrier systems to manage ultra flat wafers, post-grinding treatment to strengthen wafers, backgrinding subsurface damage and surface roughness cutback, wafer dicing tech to lessen die sidewall damage and increase die strength, backgrinding auto-TTV control to enhance TTV, improved assembly methods for die transfer, pick-up, attachment, and wire bonding.

what are ultra flat wafers?

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