What Are Modern Chips Used For?


May 20, 2024

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It is difficult to imagine a world without chips. From a simple Si wafer semiconductor stem all the devices that we use today to stay connected, work, travel, and find entertainment.

As time went by, chips advanced to deliver new functionalities and better performances at lower costs. Because of that, you can find modern chips in thousands of new products and industries across the globe. Here are some of them.  

Si Wafer to Make Chips

What Is a Chip?

Computer chips are made out of a silicon wafer that works as a semiconductor with thousands of electronic circuits embedded in it called transistors. These circuits transmit data signals, which enables them to power all types of advanced applications.

Initially, chips were physically large, but innovation resulted in the development of high-performance processors in increasingly smaller sizes. Because of that, computers went from enormous machines that took up an entire room, to thin laptops you can carry around.  

And so, modern chips became an omnipresent tool, part of every aspect of our lives.  

What Are Chips Used For?

You can find chips made out of silicon wafers in:  

  • Modern computing devices such as smartphones and laptops.  
  • Routers, switches, and data centers.
  • Wind turbines and solar farms.  
  • Medical devices and equipment for imaging, like MRI scanners.
  • Implantable technology, like pacemakers and insulin pumps.  
  • Cars, microwaves, toothbrushes, and practically any product with a semiconductor.
Chip Manufacture From Si Wafer

Find an Si Wafer Supplier!

As you can see, practically all of our technology today uses chips. And the first them of chip manufacturing is a high-quality silicon wafer.

If you’re looking for an Si wafer supplier, give us a call!

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