What Is an Indium Phosphide Oscilloscope?  


January 18, 2023

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The world's highest bandwidth 100 GHz oscilloscopes are now possible thanks to a novel technique by InP wafers. Indium phosphide (InP) semiconductor process technology-based new-generation chipsets have finally been successfully reached. This material also has many uses and other ground-breaking features besides recording bandwidth. Here's more information about this material.  

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Uses and Functions of Oscilloscopes  

High Synchronization and Stable GHz  

Oscilloscopes of the new generation will have a capacity that starts at 80 GHz and goes up to over 100 GHz. The new instruments will provide multichannel systems with extraordinarily high synchronization, higher resolution measurements, and lower noise density. This latest generation oscilloscope will be able to satisfy customers' needs whether they need to measure signals with a greater symbol speed, signals with higher-order QAM modulations, or even confirm the behavior of multichannel systems.  

High-Speed Interfaces  

The electronic design engineers working on the new IEEE P802 standard for high-speed interfaces of the future. They will need appropriate oscilloscopes for making electrical characterization parametric measurements, ranging from 3bs to 400G, and optical systems with coherent modulation terabit speed.  

These technologies will make it necessary to push high-performance analytic skills in real-time and at similar times on signals with 100 GHz bandwidths and beyond since they will be crucial to validating the projects of 5G wireless networks.  

Real-Time Mode

The ability to run oscilloscopes in real-time mode and in comparable time with bandwidths higher than 100 GHz and with a substantially lower background noise level than guaranteed by the tools now on the market will be made possible by the new integrated circuits.  

This new oscilloscope has several 10-bit analog-to-digital converters that offer a higher vertical resolution to signals captured with a wide band. The multiple active oscilloscope input channels at maximum bandwidth offer a very tight synchronization between the measurement channels are other fundamental innovations that real-time oscilloscopes will introduce.  

The experts who first developed it have kept improving the indium phosphide production method to get the greatest performance and satisfy the electronics industry's most stringent measurement requirements. Because of their expertise in microwave semiconductors, they created a new generation of production methods based on indium phosphide. These methods have significantly enabled oscilloscope performance to improve in real-time and relative time, and they will eventually enable performance improvements for other products.

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