What You Need to Know About the Two Types of Digital Logic Circuits


March 16, 2020

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Wafer manufacturing aims to produce high-quality wafers to be utilized in many different ways, from integrated circuits to semiconductor devices, and even digital logic circuits. Digital logic circuits are used to produce microchip processors and circuit boards. Without them, we wouldn't be able to enjoy the convenience of having a computer and other high-tech systems. Here we can break down the two different types of digital logic circuits.

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What are the Two Different Types of Digital Logic Circuits?

Combinational Logic Circuit

High-quality wafer manufacturing is essential to create high-quality integrated circuits, including combinational logic circuits. This type of digital logic circuit is made up of digital logic gates or universal gates that are combined to create a complex switching circuit. Logic gates are the main component of the combinational logic circuit. They don’t have any memory devices, which means that their output depends on what their present input is in a given time. Decoders and encoders are examples of combination circuits.

Sequential Digital Logic Circuits

This type of circuit is different from combinational logic circuits. Its output doesn’t only depend on its current inputs to the device, but also on past inputs. It contains memory devices, which enables it to store outputs from previous operations. Sequential digital logic circuits are created using a finite state machine.Some examples of sequential logic circuits are flip flops and counters that are fabricated using digital logic gates and memory. Sequential Digital Logic Circuits have three major parts: Event Driver, Clock Drive, and Pulse Driven.

Clock Driven Circuits

These are circuits that are synchronous, which means that their output state transition only happens when the input signal is used together with clock pulses. The synchronous sequential circuit utilizes clock inputs.

Event-Driven Circuits

Event-driven circuits' output transition happens even when no input signal is applied together with clock pulses.

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