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More goes into manufacturing semiconductors than people realize. These devices operate at a molecular level, transferring electrons and photons from one location to another. When something operates at such a microscopic scale, even the tiniest anomaly could significantly hinder a semiconductor's efficiency. At Wafer World, we take pride in our excellent manufacturing process and the care we take to maintain our clean rooms particulate-free to ensure the most effective products.

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What is a Clean Room?

Clean rooms are highly regulated, enclosed spaced, design to keep out as many particulates as possible. These rooms are intended to minimize contaminants by controlling many variables that range from temperature and humidity to air pressure and vibrations.

Because the intention of clean rooms is to prevent contamination, our technicians are required to wear specialized equipment. This prevents any outside impurities from finding their way onto the products on clothing or accessories.

Why Are Clean Rooms Necessary for Semiconductor Manufacturing?

Semiconductors do their job at a microscopic scale, allowing us to place an enormous number of transistors in a very small area. A single silicon wafer, for example, can sustain billions of transistors. These transistors are minuscule and operate at a scale so small that even the tiniest particulate can throw off the entire process.

Something as small as a speck of dust can harm the function of an integrated circuit. For that reason, keeping the semiconductor as clean as possible is an essential step in the manufacturing process.

InP as a Semiconductor

InP wafers are classified as III-V semiconductors, which are used in many high-performance optoelectronic applications due to their high electron mobility, direct bandgap, and low exciting binding energy. InP semiconductors are particularly effective in enhancing the range at which lasers emit light. This means they are commonly used in fiberoptics for telecom and datacom applications.

Want to Learn More About Clean Rooms or Semiconductors?

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