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Our goal at Wafer World is to become your premier supplier of semiconductor materials and services. We understand the demands of modern technological applications, so we offer products suited to every need. As part of our extensive catalog, we supply InP wafers for use in high-performance optoelectronics, telecom, and datacom systems.

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What is InP?

InP stands for indium phosphide, which is a binary semiconductor made from indium and phosphorus. Binary semiconductors are simply those made from two elements. InP wafers are manufactured by purifying the elements at 400˚C, then mixing them at high temperatures and pressure.

InP wafers can be found in:

  • Datacenters
  • Company networks
  • Connections for 5G and LTE stations
  • Satellites

InP as a Semiconductor

InP wafers are classified as III-V semiconductors, which are used in many high-performance optoelectronic applications due to their high electron mobility, direct bandgap, and low exciting binding energy. InP semiconductors are particularly effective in enhancing the range at which lasers emit light. This means they are commonly used in fiberoptics for telecom and datacom applications.

Advantages of Using InP Wafers

Indium phosphide wafers have some unique properties that make them the preferred option for high power and high-frequency electronics. Some of these properties include:

  • Faster electron saturation
  • Better thermal conductivity
  • More resistant to radiation

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