5 Things You Didn’t Know About Silicon


May 6, 2024

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Silicon was discovered in 1824 and has since played a significant role in human history. This material has many uses—if you're looking to buy a silicon wafer, you probably already know that.  

From transistors, and computer chips to fire bricks, cement, and waterproofing systems, silicon’s properties make it a valuable resource in many industries. To better understand how that came to be, here are 5 interesting facts about it!  

Silicon in Wafers Facts

Interesting Facts

1. Silicon Is Highly Abundant

Silicon is the second most abundant element present in the Earth’s crust, surpassed only by oxygen. In fact, it accounts for 27.7% of the Earth’s crust by mass.  

2. Silicon Is One of the Most Abundant Elements in the Universe  

In fact, silicon’s availability goes beyond the confines of Earth. It is the universe's eighth most abundant element, with concentrations of approximately 650 parts per million.  

3. Some Lifeforms Depend on Silicon

Silicon is scarce in biology, but some primitive plants like horsetails, diatoms, and algae rely on it to construct structural elements such as stems, cell walls, and scales. Without dissolved silicic acid, these organisms' growth is hampered.

Still, silicon-based life remains only a theory—for now.

4. Silicon’s Name is Latin for Flint

Silicon gets its name from the Latin word “Silex”, which means flint. When flint is flaked, it produces sparks due to the silica inclusions it contains. Silicon dioxide was first isolated from flint formations, and so it got its name.  

5. Silicon Can Be Melted at 1500°C

Silicon is solid at room temperature, but like glass, it behaves as a liquid around its melting point of 1414°C. This exceptionally high melting point allows devices with silicon wafers to operate at higher temperatures without failure, unlike other semiconductors.

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As you can see, silicon is a fascinating material. If you want to learn more about our wafers made of silicon, give us a call!

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