5G and Silicon Wafers


April 6, 2021

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If you think that the current 4G cellular network technology is promising, wait until you learn more about 5G technology. Today, silicon wafer manufacturers are trying to understand its implications as they prepare for opportunities for expansion in the customer base and use cases.

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Silicon Wafers in Electronics

In electronics, a thin slice of semiconductor called a wafer is used as a substrate to create small chips called integrated circuits (IC). These integrated circuits can work as oscillators, timers, amplifiers, microprocessors, or computer memory. Furthermore, they have the ability to hold up to millions of transistors, capacitors, and resistors.

5G Technology: A Closer Look

Semiconductor companies and consumers from across the globe are eagerly anticipating the things that 5G technology will make possible. The 5G adoption is expected to offer a lot of potential, including speed, ultra-low latency, and reliability. Thanks to these factors, countless new applications are going to be unlocked.

What the 5G Technology Adoption Can Do

Healthcare Systems

Did you know that the 5G technology can play a critical role in the improvement of patient health outcomes? Aside from allowing the expansion of telemedicine, the 5G adoption also utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to improve diagnoses and enables remote monitoring.

Smart Cities

When it comes to automating specific functions that involve a wide range of devices within a city, 5G technology is a true game-changer. This cellular network technology can allow smart cities to automate traffic safety and connect buildings and streets.

Silicon Wafer Manufacturers Will Go Beyond Silicon as a Service

With the advent of the 5G technology, semiconductor companies can create value in a platform with embedded silicon, incorporate additional features in integrated circuits, and monetize data.

silicon wafer manufacturers

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