5G Technology and Its Impact on the Semiconductor Industry


January 19, 2022

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The fifth generation of wireless technology paves the way for connectivity, automation, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and edge technologies. As a result, tech companies are developing increasingly connected smart products. Likewise, the rollout of 5G compels semiconductor fabs to keep up by producing higher-performing ultra flat wafers that make these devices work.

ultra flat wafers power electronic devices

How 5G Technology Impacts the Semiconductor Industry

5G Has Become the Standard for Electronic Devices

Before 5G came to be, nearly all cellular mobile communications took place in sub 3GHz bands with a maximum channel bandwidth of 20MHz. However, with the increasing number of users and data packets passed on to cellular mobile networks, the industry felt the pressing need to look beyond 3GHz bands. Consequently, the demand for more capacity to handle significant volumes of data led to the emergence of 5G.  

Since 5G uses a 30GHz to 300 GHz frequency band (or millimeter wave (mmW)) to work at a frequency of 10mm to 1mm, it offers improved capacity and higher speeds over 4G. This technology’s ultra-low latency and extreme reliability proved crucial for high-tech innovators. Thanks to 5G, IoT applications, including machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, can now handle large volumes of data for operating mission-critical control applications.

5G Demands Higher Volumes of Chips Within a Shorter Period

As innovators race to capitalize on the new potential unlocked by the 5G technology, the semiconductor industry strives to produce higher volumes of wafers and chips in a shorter period. Moreover, they need to increase their products’ baseline memory to meet the demands of emerging technologies that run on 5G. Otherwise, the chips won’t be able to handle more specific applications.

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