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August 30, 2019

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Semiconductors are made from silicon wafers. Which means that the quality of the wafer used can also have an impact on the efficiency and performance of the semiconductor device. This is why it’s important to outsource silicon wafers from reputable silicon wafer manufacturers. A semiconductor failure analysis is a process of finding out why or how a semiconductor device has failed. It involves a series of steps called the FA techniques. Failure analysis is important to comprehend what caused the failure and how it can be avoided in the future.  Read on to know more about the process of semiconductor device failure analysis.

What Causes the Breakdown?

An electrical breakdown or failure can either be parametric or functional. Parametric failure refers to the inefficiency of a device to meet the electrical requirement for a measurable attribute that doesn’t refer to functionality. This means that a parametric failure can be present although the device is still functional. Example, a DAC can turn digital data into the appropriate analog voltage but draws too much supply current. While a functional failure refers to the inefficiency of a device to carry out its intended job. Example of this is a DAC failing to convert any data at all.

Analyzing the Failure

Failure analysis begins with a failure verification to guarantee that no valuable FA resources are wasted. It is also done to identify the failure mode and to help make the FA accurate and efficient. After verifying the failure, the analyst subjects the sample to different FA approach step by step. Non-destructive FA techniques are done first before the destructive ones. The results of these different FA techniques are expected to be consistent. If the results show any inconsistencies, then it must be resolved first before proceeding to the next step.

What Happens When You Find a Failure?

In most cases, the results of the different FA techniques would unanimously point to the real failure spot. The FA process is only finished once there are enough reports to conclude about the location of the failure site and the reason for the failure.  To help avoid semiconductor device failure, make sure you outsource your wafers from reputable silicon wafer manufacturers.

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