What Is the Difference Between Semiconductor Design and Fabrication/Manufacturing?


April 25, 2022

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The production of wafers is a complicated process. Even before getting into more advanced processes that result in products like InP reclaim wafers, there are still many steps that need to occur before a wafer is ready for use.

Today, we’ll discuss what you need to know about design, fabrication and manufacturing. We hope this gives you a deeper understanding of what wafer services your business needs.

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Semiconductor Design

Before a semiconductor can be fabricated or manufactured, it needs to be designed. At this stage of the process, the designers work to determine what functions the semiconductor needs to serve, and how the semiconductor can fulfill those functions.

The design can influence everything from the materials to the architecture.

It’s common for a business to design semiconductors with their needs in mind and then send those designs to a fab facility.

Semiconductor Fabrication/Manufacturing

Semiconductor fabrication is the process of turning semiconductor material into a useable product. This is done by growing the product and then slicing it into wafers, which can then be cut further into the shape required for the IC the wafer has been designed for.

Once the semiconductor has been fabricated, it’s time for manufacturing. This is the stage where the various elements are put together. It incorporates everything from packaging to Quality Assurance.

photo of inP reclaim wafers

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