Why Semiconductor Architecture Matters


March 16, 2022

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Silicon wafer manufacturers have come up with many ways to compensate for the potential end of Moore’s Law. To understand what the industry is currently capable of, it’s useful to understand semiconductor architecture.

Today, we’ll discuss what semiconductor architecture is, and how it can transform the capabilities of wafers.

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What Is Semiconductor Architecture?

Semiconductor architecture refers to its design. The way that a circuit is put together determines how it functions, which affects how it operates within a device.

There are many things the right architecture can prioritize, including but not limited to:

  • Power
  • Energy-efficiency
  • Thermal reduction

There are many different ideas being put forth by designers. For instance, we recently covered the concept of vertical transistors.

Why It Matters

For a long time, the semiconductor industry has relied on the power of Moore’s Law to increase capabilities. For decades, it was possible to fit increasingly large amounts of transistors within an increasingly small amount of space.

While this is true, it’s getting harder for businesses to see the benefit of these developments, because it’s getting harder to manufacture these tiny devices.

Semiconductor architecture therefore represents an important possibility for manufacturers, who will be able to push what wafers can do. Essentially, the specificity of design allows for increased capabilities. This can be particularly powerful when combined with nonstandard wafer materials.

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