Silicon Wafer | The Manufacturing Process of Semiconductors


May 13, 2019

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A semiconductors chip is made from a silicon wafer which is refined to accommodate transistors and wirings to become an electric circuit. Without semiconductors, integrated circuits would not be possible which is one of the most essential components of electronic devices. If you want to know what makes our gadgets run, read on to know the manufacturing process of semiconductors:


Semiconductors begin with a silicon single crystal which becomes a silicon wafer when processed. The silicon wafer is the base where electronic circuits are formed to create an integrated circuit. On the surface of a silicon wafer, a thin layer of wirings, transistors, and other components are placed onto the wafer through a deposition. Then, the thin layer is covered with photoresist where a circuit pattern of the reticle will be projected using the photolithography technology. Once the photoresist is developed, it will then be used as a mask to etch the thin film into wirings and other components.

Integrated Circuit

An integrated circuit is made of layers after layers of circuits where the bottom part is where the transistors are formed. The IC fabricated will then go through a series of inspection and measurement to audit if the patterns are formed according to the design. If there are any defects, the manufacturing will be disrupted to alter the manufacturing conditions in order to get rid of the cause of the defect. A single wafer can contain more than a hundred semiconductor dies at the size of 300mm in diameter.

Wafer Processing Operation and Assembly Process

For the final step, semiconductors go through wafer processing operation and assembly process. The finished product is then utilized in a variety of electronic devices, like smartphones, smart TVs, cars, and computers.

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