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May 17, 2019

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Wafer manufacturing starts with silicon drawn out from some sand, which is purified before it can be further processed to become a wafer. A wafer is also known as a disc or a thin slice of semiconductor which undergoes a series of processes to become solar cells and integrated circuits. If you want to know the parts of a thin slice of glossy silicon rod aka wafer, here are the parts of a wafer:

Parts of a Wafer

Silicon is the most common element used to produce wafers because of its abundance on the Earth’s surface. Its properties are also environmentally friendly which is an added bonus. Wafers are a thin slice of glossy silicon rod which is sized according to specific measurements. Here is what makes up the basic wafer:

  • Chip

A chip is made of silicon where electronic circuit patterns have been etched.

  • TEG

TEG stands for Test Element Group. This is a model pattern that shows the definite physical properties of a chip to test if everything runs smoothly. Properties include circuits, transistors, resistors, capacitors, and diodes.

  • Scribe Lines

These are areas where a saw can cut safely through the wafer without destroying the circuits.

  • Flat Zone

A part of a wafer that helps identify the wafer’s type and orientation. This is usually found on the edge of a wafer that is cut off flat.

  • Edge Die

An edge die is found around the edge of the wafer which is considered to be a production loss.

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Where to Find Good Wafer Manufacturing?

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