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December 4, 2019

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Product defects during silicon wafer manufacturing are unacceptable. It does not only affect the quality of your end product, but it can also cause a delay in production and delivery time- making it a very costly mistake. To ensure that all materials and components utilized in the production are not defective, make sure to conduct a thorough inspection procedure before manufacturing. In this article, we will discuss to you how to prevent product defects during silicon wafer manufacturing.

How to Carryout Quality Control and Inspection

Product material testing is necessary for quality control. It helps ensure the value, performance, and safety of a material or component. Product material testing includes the following:

  • Chemical testing analysis- composition analysis, metal testing, identification of substances, and trace contamination detection.
  • Physical properties testing and measurement- durability, stability, flammability, and strength test.
  • Mechanical properties testing- resistance to malformation, fissure, and stress.
  • Regulatory testing- for testing compliance with legal standards purposes.

Before silicon wafer manufacturing, raw materials and components need to go through a thorough inspection to avoid quality issues with any parts and materials that could affect the quality of your end product. Addressing these defect issues even before processing begins will help prevent other costly problems later on during the manufacturing process.

Hiring a Third-Party Professional Inspector

Hiring a third-party professional inspector to collect random samples at your factory helps ensure that the test sample acquired is an actual material quality of your entire order or production. These samples can then be sent to a certified lab for testing. Entrusting this to one of your factory workers may result in bias. It's essential that the materials and components used in your production fit the standards of the products' intended application.

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