Advantage of Using the Floating Zone Method


November 23, 2022

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A float zone wafer is a wafer that's made of pure silicon using the floating zone method. Wafers like this come with low concentrations of carbon and oxygen impurities that make them ideal for various applications. If you need more information about this wafer and method, here are some advantages of using the float zone method.  

Float zone wafer manufacturing

Benefits of the Floating Zone Method  

Low Level of Impurity  

The benefit of utilizing this method is that the silicon produced by it typically has impurity concentrations of less than 5 1015 cm-3, including deficient levels of common contaminants like carbon and oxygen. Either a vacuum or an inert gaseous environment is used for the operation.

Higher Efficiency

Monocrystalline cells typically have a slightly higher efficiency of 15–22% than conventional polycrystalline cells. With a monocrystalline crystal suspended end to end in a vertical orientation, high-purity monocrystalline rods are typically formed using the CZ technique. The polycrystalline rod is melted using a radio frequency field. The dissolved form of the rod comes into touch with the monocrystalline seed.  

Fewer Impurities and Dislocations  

A necking process is used to make sure the crystal is free of dislocations. The material is refined while the molten zone is pushed along the rod and solidifies into a single crystal. This technique cleans the ingot because most impurities have a segregation coefficient far below one, which means they stay in the melt and produce a purer crystal.

Charge separation is prevented by the surface tension of the molten silicon in the vertical orientation. FZ wafers' diameter is usually restricted to 150 mm because of restrictions imposed by maintaining the surface tension.  

Float zone wafer manufacturing

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