Frequently Asked Questions About Float Zone Wafers


February 10, 2021

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Are you looking to find top-level pure wafers for your next project? A float zone wafer may be just what you need. Made of pure silicon, float zone wafers come with extremely low concentrations of carbon and oxygen impurities that make them ideal for various applications, including accurate power devices, RF circuits, and solar chips.

What is a Float Zone Wafer?

Top Questions People Ask About Float Zone Wafers

What Are Float Zone Wafers?

Float zone wafers are produced via the float zone method that involves the process of growing silicon crystals. Its production is based on the zone melting principle that was conceived in 1962.

What are the Characteristics of Float Zone Wafers?

Through the process of partial melting and necking, single and purified crystals are created. Furthermore, these newly made crystals undergo the process of doping at the highest levels to form the wafer’s resistance factor.

What are the Different Types of Float Zone Wafers?

  • High Resistivity Float Zone Wafers

Known as the most common type of float zone wafers, high resistivity wafers are produced from high purity float zone ingots that feature resistivity of over 1,000 ohm-cm. In most cases, these wafers are used for transmitter and receiver chips, RF MEMS switches, and microwave and millimeter-wave devices and circuits.

  • Neutron Doped Float Zone Wafers

Made from high purity, undoped float zone ingots that were doped through the process of Neutron Transmutation Doping irradiation, this N-Type material comes with a resistivity range that’s lower but tighter. They’re excellent for making essential components for various semiconductor power devices.

  • Gas Doped Float Zone Wafers

To create gas-doped float zone wafers, manufacturers use float zone ingots doped with several gaseous dopants at the melt interface. Thanks to this process, the length of the ingots features exceptional uniformity.

What are the Applications of Float Zone Wafers?

Due to their semiconductor materials, float zone wafers can effectively prevent electric shock. For this reason, they’re widely used in creating power devices and detector applications. However, float zone wafers are commonly used for high-efficiency chips and solar products.

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