Amazing Facts About Lasers


July 14, 2021

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From barcode scanners to eye surgery, lasers play a critical role in modern society. However, did you know that this once-futuristic invention is also extremely important in the wafer manufacturing industry? Laser marking involves the emission of a beam of concentrated light particles to mark semiconductor packages for traceability and readability.

marking wafers with lasers

Laser Facts that Won’t Fail To Amaze You

Although the world is yet to fully understand the laser’s capabilities, it’s safe to say that people use them more and more in their daily life. If you don’t know much about lasers, get ready to be amazed by checking out these facts:

Laser Cuts Through a Wide Range of Materials

Leather, ceramics, metal, marble – these are only some of the densest materials that a beam of light that’s emitted from a laser can cut through.  It’s important to note that the laser beam doesn’t have its own temperature. However, when the laser beam hits the surface of a specific material, light energy transforms into heat energy.

You Can’t See Lasers in Space

Matter triggers the scattering effect which involves a wide range of physical processes that produces the appearance of a light bulb. Since lasers have no matter, you won’t be able to see them in space.  

The US Army Developed the Laser Tag

In the 1970s, the US Army developed a non-lethal training program that gave rise to the laser tag. Nowadays, many people play endless rounds of laser tag during a fun day out with the family.  

Lasers Heal Broken Bones Faster

According to research, the use of highly focused laser beams can accelerate the healing process of bone fractures.

Lasers Are Used to Make Wafers Traceable and Readable

Manufacturers use lasers to mark each wafer to ensure its traceability throughout the manufacturing process. Furthermore, the laser marks are also used for denoting which semiconductors are appropriate for different applications.

using laser markings on wafers

Interested To Learn More About Laser Marking for Wafers?

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